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scalability rocket


Ensure that your services are engineered to handle gradual and sudden increases in traffic.

outage thunder


Architect your services to be resilient to outages and failures.

cost savings


Keep costs under control by having insight into your spending and utilizing the correct services for your specific use case.

continuous integration gears


Automate the deployment, testing, and monitoring of all your services.

architecture blueprint


Make sure your services are well architected for a cloud based environment.

education diploma


Deep dives into the specific set of services and features that your engineers use.


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A little about us

Cloud.Thence was founded by former AWS engineer Kevin S Lin who has nearly a decade of experience provisioning and scaling services in the cloud. Kevin has spent 5+ years at AWS delivering critical features now deployed across millions of instances. In that time, Kevin has helped customers of all sizes, from startups to major enterprises like Netflix, find solutions to some of their most difficult technical challenges.

Public clouds like AWS provide enormous opportunity for businesses of all sizes to be agile and innovate. But it also presents very real challenges. What does a cloud first architecture look like? How do you ensure that your services are secure and compliant? What storage and compute combination make the most sense for your business? How do you scale devops to handle hundreds of micro services?

Kevin S Lin - AWS Engineer

Kevin S Lin, Cloud Engineer

Whether you are an established business embarking upon a migration or a new business that is just building out your stack, it can be hard to make sense of everything you need to do when it comes to cloud. So regardless of what stage you're in, schedule a (free) initial consultation and let us help you make sense of cloud.

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